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'AirMighty Megascene', the European Aircooled VW Lifestyle Magazine

We bring you the "bigger picture" on the aircooled VW scene


In January 2010 Niels Timmerman launched a new aircooled VW magazine. A European publication called ‘AirMighty Megascene’ printed quarterly.
The lead language is English but the stories are translated into German and French. Three major languages inside one publication, an all European magazine!


AirMighty Megascene is an exclusive high-end magazine, a quarterly print on thick high quality paper with a glossy finish. It is a magazine that you want to collect and we hope it is an addition to the VW-scene in general. We in no way want to be a competitor to the already existing media, we want it to be an addition, something that people want to get on top of their usual monthly favourit aircooled magazines.
AirMighty Megascene magazines feature News, Tech-Tips, Tool-articles, stories from the VW Archives, Columns written by celebrities of the VW scene, Show Reports and Car Features. We are mainly focusing on European subjects but we will also bring you stories from the USA, Japan, Australia and …well from everywhere on the globe actually!

The Team

We have associated ourselves with reputable companies, famous photographers, writers and editors. With these connections we are able to bring you the latest developments and news from all over the world. We are a European publication using global input.
The AirMighty writing team consists of Niels Timmerman (NL) flanked by Johnny Tipler (UK), Tom & Jana Gotta (D), Daniel Liedtke (D), Chris Richard (FR) and Yves Maertens (BE/FR). All of them have been into the aircooled VW scene for many years and will now share their experiences and knowledge with you inside the ‘AirMighty Megascene’!


“What you are about to discover, thanks to magazines like AirMighty, is that there is a massive community of guys and girls just like you who are searching for fun and information about the mighty Volkswagen.”
Dean Kirsten, Hot VWs Magazine

“Niels and Kobus have come up with an idea to give you a magazine which is available more than one language - hopefully your language - and I am sure this will appeal to you.”
Ivan McCutcheon, VolksWorld Magazine



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Without the support from you - our advertisers, readers and distributors - this magazine simply can't exist. How can you support us? Well you can do this by advertising in the magazine or get your copy by subscribing online, buy them loose via our webshop or ask for them at your local distributor.

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Subscriptions are be available in our webshop. And you will be able to find the magazine at some of the major aftermarket aircooled parts suppliers around the world plus of course through their distributors and your local VW shop in Europe.

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You can always buy it via our webshop, but if you are having trouble finding the AirMighty Megascene then you can always email us. And be sure to ask your local aircooled VW shop to stock them, this can eventually save you on shipping costs!

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